What to Bring

Belize is a very laid back country, with a very casual lifestyle. There is no need for formal dressing unless you are invited to a “black tie” event.  Leave your jewelry and watches at home and just bring an inexpensive watch that you can use for diving and hiking. If you are going to visit the Cayes or the Barrier Reef, bring along your shorts, t- shirts, towels and swimsuits, as well as some comfortable tennis or deck shoes. As the sun is more intense than what you’re used to back home, bring a cap to protect your head from the grueling tropical sun when you are fishing. Also, to protect your eyes from the sun and the glare of the water, bring a pair of “polarized” sunglasses. Loose fitting, light color cotton pants and shirts, with a pair of hiking shoes are good for tours on the mainland and for the jungle treks. Remember to bring your passport, visa (if applicable), personal items, an extra suit of dry cloths, prescription drugs, spare eyeglasses, sunglasses, sun screen, insect repellent, a (waterproof) camera, films, batteries, cash, traveler’s cheques, credit cards, binoculars and poncho for the unexpected rain. Divers can bring SCUBA diving gear, dive log and certification of diving. Snorkeling gear, dive suits, fishing tackle, etc, but most dive operations have snorkeling and diving gear available for rent.