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Language and Population

English is the official language of Belize. Creole is widely spoken among Belizeans while other languages spoken are Spanish, Garifuna, Maya and Mandarin. Belize’s population is approximately 311,000.


The local currency is the Belize dollar. US$1 is equivalent to BZ$2 and is accepted all over Belize. Most ATMs countrywide allow cash withdrawals via credit card.


Belize offers a subtropical to tropical climate as you move further south of the country. With an average temperature of 80°F, it has brisk prevailing winds from the Caribbean Sea.

  • Rainfall:  Annual rainfall ranges from 50 inches in the north to 170 inches in the south. The seasons can best be classified as:
    • the “dry” season between February and May and
    • the “rainy” or “green season” which brings scattered showers between June and November

Time Zone

GMT-6 or US Central Standard Time


Belize, being a former British Colony known as British Honduras, has a democratically elected parliamentary governmen