Orange Walk

Orange Walk

The Orange Walk District is undoubtedly one of the best examples of Belize’s natural beauty. Otherwise known as “Sugar City,” this picturesque region is located about an hour from Belize City and 30 miles from Corozal Town. The area is inhabited by more than 40,000 people, making it the third most populous district in the country. Due to the Mexican influence in the region, Spanish and Creole are the most commonly spoken languages in the Orange Walk District.

For visitors to the Orange Walk District, there is plenty to see and do. The ancient Maya ruins at Lamanai and Cuello are always particularly popular. At these historic sites, travelers can immerse themselves in the Maya culture and get an up-close look at how the Maya people lived and worshipped.

We have so much to choose from that when you get here you wont even want to leave.

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