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Cave Tubing & Rainforest Trek - "The Butt Massage Tour"

Cave Tubing in BelizeCave tubing, the most exciting tour adventure in Belize, is an experience thru the jungles, caves and river like the famous Indiana Jones. Arrive at the national park of Nohoch Chen, and get geared up with your headlights, inner tubes and life vests and start your hike thru the lush rainforest as did the ancient Mayas into the abyss of Xibalba (caves). Enjoy a bath in the sacred river of caves branch and prepare your journey thru the underworld as you defeat the nine lords and exit into a new form of life as the native Indians believed. As you tube down the river, look at the mysterious art work in the caves that Mother Nature has created and enjoy the scenic view of the open river with the beautiful flora and fauna that surrounds you.

Includes: Lunch, Water, Personal Guide, Transportation, Park Fees, Tubes, Head Lamps, and Life Vest, Three Cave System

Cave Tubing Gears

**Our tubes are equipped with Messed Bottom ,back rest, Handles, and cup holders.

**It is perfect for small kids or a adults

** Safety and Adventure is what we are all about

***Note Due to the fact that Belize is a subtropical region, we sometime have a lot of rain fall; should incase this occur the caves has a tendency to rise up. At this point we have alternative tours. If the ship cancels their tubing for whatever reasons, it does not mean that our excursion is also cancel please come in to the office and check with the person in charged. Thanks.